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You can now purchase my "How to Slipcover" DVD ($45 value) and "Pillow Talk" ebook ($20 value) for $55! Bundle and Save $10! Click Below to purchase 

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My "How to Slipcover Video" walks you through the basics of slipcovering and will give you the skills to slipcover just about anything. I teach you to make a slipcover by pinning it on inside out. I was self taught and learned through trial and error over the past 11 years... with the DVD you can learn without going through the heartache and wasted time that I went through. I am now fast at what I do, and with practice you can be too.The DVD is $45 dollars plus $3.50 shipping.

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Sew pillows with piping and a zipper includes 22 pages of step by step instructions with pictures and tips. I also include a source page for down inserts, bulk piping, and zippers.

Here is a sample page from the book! Ebook is instant download!

CLICK BELOW TO PURCHASE "How to Slipcover" DVD and "Pillow Talk e-book bundle.
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Ronda H said...

I just looked at tater tots and jello sectional, what a beautiful job

Lynda Bruni said...

Hi Shelley,

I just entered Janet's (The Empty Nest) contest for your Slipcover DVD/E-book Deal. This is my first visit to your blog! What beautiful work you do! Can't wait to learn how to do it myself!

Gina Roberts said...

I love both of these products!