Saturday, August 7, 2010

Newsboy hat pattern

I don't know if you noticed but this fabric is left over from the pillows I made for my front room (an older post).

So last year in the spring when work slowed down a little bit, I made a hat pattern and started making myself some hats. My sisters died over them, so I made them some too, then my neighbors wanted them, so then I started selling them on Then my slipcover work exploded again, so I put my etsy store on vacation mode.

Since I still have people that ask me to make them a hat, and I don't have the time. I decided to sell the pattern for $10.50 on as an e-file. It's only taken me 6 months to actually follow through and make the pattern into an e- file and write up the sewing instructions.

These hats only take about 1/4 yard for the outside fabric and 1/4 yard for the inside fabric (lining). They are reversible...and upholstry weight cotton fabric works all those scraps you've got laying around will work great.

I love having the option to make a homemade gift for birthday parties, christmas, etc. They usually take about 45 minutes to an hour to make.

This pattern includes a pattern for a regular and small adult size plus a child size 2T-4T. It also includes a materials needed list, and step by step sewing instructions. This pattern is unisex as well. My boys wear their hats all the time. I even made one for my husband out of a chocolate brown wool.

To use the button below you need to have my email handy ( to complete the transaction. Thanks

Here are some photos of some of the hats I made.


Becky said...

Way cute! What a pretty model you are. Are you going the $3 fabric sale Monday? I am planning on it. If you beat me there and see something thats a good neutral grab it for me! I hope to see you there :)

KimberlyRae said...
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