Saturday, March 3, 2012

French Country Family Room and Ebook Pillows

Heber, my awesome husband went and picked up these chairs for me. My client lives up Emmigration Canyon. She threw in an extra chair last minute, which was great because she had a huge roll of heavy weight blue linen to use up.

1st chair--- BEFORE, small rounded back chair

2nd chair--- BEFORE---Large chunky wingback

3rd chair--- BEFORE-- her dad's old pea green scrolled back velvet chair

Chair #2--- AFTER--- we did a straight skirt with pleats in the corners

Chair #3 AFTER--- we did no skirt, and ended with piping to let the legs show.

Chair#1---AFTER--we did a knife pleat skirt to show the legs. I wanted to make each chair skirt differently to add to the eclectic look of the chairs.

Front of arm on chunky wingback.

Chair #1--- in the room with upholstered couch and yellow chair.

I did a band along the front edge of this chair to hug the shape.

Love the scroll back on this chair.


I've been working hard on my ebook---"Pillow Talk"--make pillows with piping and a zipper.

All the text written up and the step by step photos were taken last week. Next week it's all going to be put together. I have a great friend named Kelly that does logos and layouts, who's going to design and layout my book for me. I can't wait!

Here is a pic of the pillows I demoed...knife edge, mitered, bolster, ruffled, and piping pillow.

I made all the pillows out of oatmeal/cream painters drop cloth and used turquoise piping.

I am selling this collection of 5 pillows for $125 total plus $25 shipping. They will be available to ship on 3/10/12. (I need to make sure I don't need any more pics for the ebook first)

They all have down inserts. The 3 square pillows are 19", the bolster is 17" long, and the ruffled pillow is 15"x24" with a 1" ruffle.

Email me if you want them, and I'll paypal you an invoice! thanks.



Pine Tree Home said...

Fabulous job as always. The blue linen is great too, different than beige.

Colleen said...

When do you think the book will be available? The pillows look wonderful! :)

LizzieD said...

love the knife pleat skirt on the wingback.. it all looks so tailored, clean & crisp!