Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chalk Garden Co-op Slipcovers

One of my designer clients was hired to design this building for a co-op store, which includes JMR, a hair studio, and a gallery. It's called the "Chalk Garden Co-op" in downtown Salt Lake City. He picked up 3 wing backs and a settee from a consignment store for me to slipcover in drop cloths.

Here is a pic of the settee BEFORE. My mom came over and saw this in my work room and fell in love with it...she loved the fabric as is. Sorry got recovered with drop cloth.

I didn't get before pics of the wing backs....I was dealing with a time issue- I only put so much $ in the parking meter out front. I was lucky enough to find a double spot to fit my car and trailer. The wing backs were peach velvet and gray velvet.

Here is one of the wingbacks AFTER with french welting (piping without the cording and kiss pleats on the corners). Forgive the wrinkles...I transport in bags, so it takes a few days for the wrinkles to fall out.

This store opened yesterday. All these pics were from about a week ago, when they were still in crunch time trying to finish all the construction details! I'll have to stop back in and see the finished product.

AFTER---wingbacks were all pushed to the side for the construction men to do their work.

Settee--AFTER--kiss pleat on the front corner before I dropped the pleated skirt.

This building is AMAZING!!!

Check out those stairs at the far end of the pic!

Whole room

Close up showing the kiss pleats.

Even french welting joining the inside arm to the inside wing....just kind of finishes it off.

Here are some more props for the store.


Last week we headed to Idaho to raft the Payette River with my sisters in laws---who are rafting junkies! Her husband just opened a rafting store in SLC, UT with his brother.

Anyhow half way to Idaho, Heber wakes me up to tell me he forgot to throw our sleeping bags in the car (we were gonna camp out for 3 nights). So my mind started working trying to figure out if we knew anyone in Idaho that we could borrow sleeping bags from, so we didn't have to buy new ones.

I remembered Amy lived in Idaho. She bought my Slipcover DVD about a year and a half ago and has started her own business, we talk from time to time and Facebook each other. So I called her up, and she was nice enough to borrow us some sleeping bags! So we finally got to meet in person!

Here I am with Amy in her front yard.

The following are all pics from rafting the Payette River!

I am on the back of the raft holding on!

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Barefoot Blueberry said...

Great work Shelley! It looks great and, you are right, that's an amazing building!! Such a joy to get to meet you, hopefully we will see each other again soon.

janet said... you ever do traveling come to a shop and teach????? Man I would LOVE to have you come here and give a workshop in my new store.
I am dead serious!!!

janet xox
The Empty Nest

Colleen said...

These look wonderful! What drop cloths do you like best? I am going to be making drapery panels and slips for one of my son's that is purchasing his first home!

Queen of Chairs said...

I Love the Kiss pleats, Great job, I would love how to do those pleats!

David Parker said...

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