Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jan's White Linen Couch

First off--- I AM NOW BOOKED FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR! email me if you want on my list for January. 

This couch was for my sister in law that lives in Reno. I took it back when we went for Seth's homecoming a few weeks ago.

Couch--BEFORE-- great shape I love the english rolled arms, but she wanted something brighter for her room.


Please forgive the wrinkles---I had it folded up in a bag for the 8 hour drive to Reno. Then I literally put it on and took pictures right before we headed home...Heber was in the car with the kids waiting for me.

She chose a beautiful white linen that draped perfectly.

Here's her whole room---I slipcovered the 2 chairs a few years ago. Everytime they come up to visit, she throws a piece of furniture in her car for me to slipcover.

Side Note--- Ran Red Rock Relay this past weekend with a bunch of people from my neighborhood. The race is from Brianhead Resort to Zions...188 miles with 12 people on your team.

Here we are at the finish line! I was in van 1 this time...which means I got to shower before van 2 finished the race.

Here I am running my first leg of 8.4 miles (I averaged 8:45 per mile...yea!) My second leg was 4.6 miles and the first 2.5 miles of it was uphill, I averaged 9:45 per mile. My third leg was 2.6 miles and I averaged 8:45 per mile.

Here I am at the start line with Heber.

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michele said...

it's beautiful!

smiles and hope you'll visit soon.