Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bergere Chairs--exposed wood

My client dropped these chairs off, and I couldn't contain my excitement! They were a sage green with exposed wood and crazy beautiful lines! She wanted to keep the lines as clean as possible and not frilly, and if possible wanted to show off the vertical wood bar on the outside back.


CHAIRS--AFTER--she used a white twill that formed and shaped perfectly on all the curves.

 The outside back was a little tricky--I sewed a panel on the left side with the piping then fed it behind the wood and used velcro to close the opening. (White's hard to see). Somehow every wrinkle shows up in pics--it looked way better in person. Of course she prewashed her fabric, so she can wash the slipcovers.

The second side of velcro was sewn onto the seam allowance behind the piping on the right.

How beautiful is that! I was so happy that it turned out how I thought it should in my head.

She wanted to do peekaboo holes on the arms to show off some more wood. Of course I did piping down the inside arm seam to finish it off and make it look more tailored.

 I did a band around the front edge to hug the curve better.


-My next race is in October....a day relay in Park City---hopefully there's not snow! We all run twice, 65 miles total with a 6 man team.

-Working on a "Travel for Cheap" post---I started it yesterday, but it's super rambly---I need to edit and add some photos, to get you excited! I know it's no fun to read a long post with no pics!

-I am adjusting back to the new schedule with school and kids homework---we'll see how I fare this year with 8th grade advanced math!

-I am booking into November right now---Don't forget, I always take December off! So if there's something you need, make sure and email me to get on my list sooner rather than later!




Me said...

Brilliant! Love how you used the flap and Velcro.

Me said...

Brilliant! Love how you used the flap and Velcro.

Colleen said...

Great idea with the velcro! Thanks for sharing! :)

awal.ny said...

Your slipcovers are always amazing. I love how you sewed the back closure and exposed the arm wood. Great inspirations. Alaina

Maryann - Interior Salvage said...

Your work is gorgeous. I just love the style of this slip with the arm peeking out. So lovely!

Marin Smith said...

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