Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pair of Striped Chairs

For the past month, I have been super motivated to finish my "Get it Covered" Advanced Slipcovering Guide. I have spent numerous days taking pics and editing. Today I finished my hard edit! I'll just need to run through it one more time and then it'll be READY! I am super excited to get this available. I have been working on it, on and off for the past 9 months. It should be available by Monday! 

56 or so pages of tips and tricks on skirts, wing backs, sectionals, hemming options, curved inside back items, parson chairs, scrolled back, telephone arms, english rolled arms, arm pads, t-cushions, etc.!

Here's a sneak peak of one of the pages!

My client had these pair of chairs that were the same, but had been upholstered in different fabrics. She wanted to make them a pair again. They had tufted back cushions, that I had to remove first.


To cut off attached cushions--cut on cushion side of the seam, so you aren't left with exposed springs that you will need to patch up.

Chairs---AFTER - She wanted a second set of cushions out of the floral to mix it up at some point. We decided to keep the band out of the stripe, to tie it all in.

 This fabric was a pretty heavy denim, so I did a 1.5" blind hem on the skirt.

 I covered the back cushions and decided to keep them "pillow style" with kiss pleats instead of boxing them.

Here's another job I dropped off last month. I was pretty proud of the matching job! I debated centering the large floral on both cushions--but it was too overwhelming since the cushions were petite. Ultimately, we decided to center the large floral on the back cushion and let the print flow down to the seat.

 My client was very happy to get rid of the old hawaiian palm leaf print that was on them.

Side Note--

I just received some rug pads from The quality was great! If you need rug pads check them out! These are great for those flat weave rugs that tend to shift and slide around and don't have much substance to them. They have different thicknesses of pad.

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