Thursday, March 6, 2014

Topstitched White Linen Couches

When I came for the fitting appointment, my client was in the process of moving and remodeling their new place.  The before couch was a white denim slipcovered couch with piping, two seat cushions, and 5 pillows along the back. Karen decided she wanted a bit more of a modern look---no piping and no skirt. Just a single row of topstitching on each seam.

BEFORE---well somehow I didn't get a before pic, but this was during the fitting.

 AFTER--These are the two couches in my clients new home. I dropped off her slipcovers in bags right before I left for Costa Rica, and she was moving the next week--so I didn't get to put them on for her. When I came after my trip to bring back another project, she already had them all put on and had been living on them for a few weeks. I was BLOWN AWAY at how amazing her new house looked! It was a construction site the last time I had seen it.

 She ordered a new single seat cushion (used to be 2 seat cushions) and two back cushions (used to be pillow back) to streamline the look of the couch as well.

 I love her HUGE coffee table from CJ Sparks. I love mixing rustic with new.

 Topstitching detail

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Gina Roberts said...

Beautiful. I love the no skirt look and the top stitching!

Susan - Uniquely Yours or Mine said...

They look awesome! I wish you lived near me! Also, I love a bench cushion, they really are so much nicer than individual cushions. I really like the wrinkles in the linen, hot sure I would but they totally work!

Cindy said...

Where do you order your new cushions? These are beautiful.

Shelley Anderson said...


I usually order from Ronco Industries in Sylmar, Ca.