Sunday, September 12, 2010

Water at the Cabin

So I haven't posted about the cabin lately, because summer was crazy with lots of trips and we didn't have as much time up there as I thought we would to do projects. Last month Heber tore his ACL playing soccer, so my hopes and dreams of projects at the cabin were not going to come true.

When we bought our little "fixer upper" the water wasn't working and we had no idea why and couldn't figure it out while we were under contract because it snowed too much and we couldn't dig down and fiqure out what the problem was. SO...we went ahead and closed on the cabin in December and hoped we could figure out the problem in the spring. Well the snow didn't melt until June! Then we had trips to the beach and races to run, plus Heber decided it was over his head and didn't think he could figure it out.

I still had my hopes up in July that we could get the water on....all winter we had been hauling our own water up and having the boys pee out back. Then in the middle of July Heber tore his ACL, so then I knew for sure it wasn't going to happen. So then I called a local plumber and he had it on and fixed in a day and a half!!! With a hefty bill of $2,100 I couldn't have been happier. Sometimes it's just worth it!

kitchen sink

Heber and a few of his buddies made it up to the cabin to do some "man work". They managed to drop in the cast iron kitchen sink that I picked up used off for $45 and install the new faucet that I got for $50 off as well.

bathroom sink that got broken

So in the bathroom they did some "man work" as well. In one day they managed to put a hole in the bathroom sink that I was planning on keeping and broke the brand new toilet Heber had just installed the week before. They went and picked out a tiny new vanity sink at Home Depot before they told me about it. It actually will work alot better with storage. I was just trying to use what we had and not completely gut the place.

my new toilet that got broken (don't tighten the bolts too much it'll crack the tank)

This happened 5 minutes before they were going to leave. I had someone that was going to stay at the cabin that night, so they had to run back into town and buy a new toilet and install it before they left. Oh did I mention all this "man work" happened about 7 days post knee surgery. Jared had to carry Heber up the 26 stairs to the cabin.

beadboard in the bathroom

Heber is really tired of all the paneling each time we go up, he installs one piece of beadboard in the bathroom. I am trying to be patient. I just want the bathroom finished!!! But at least it's functional now...the sink, shower and toilet all work!

shower curtain fabric

So I chose this fabric for the shower's turqouise and cream. I can't wait to make it and get it up there with the dark wood floors, beadboard walls, and silver chandelier over the sink. I can totally envision it already. I just need all the beadboard up so I can paint.

sofa table in family room

So my neighbor Holly gave me this sofa table that I had in the dining room under the window, which I had to move because of the new ottoman/bench thing that I put there instead. So I thought I would have to give the table back because I had no more spots to put it. Then I brought my friend Heather up to show her the cabin while she was in town, and she spotted the table and suggested we put it behind the yellow chair in the family room. It works perfect, because I didn't have any end tables in there to set anything on.


Alison said...

Shelley, this is fabulous and you are fabulous! Love the shower curtain. And, let's face it, EVERYTHING else :)

genevieve said...

I love the fabric for the shower cutain. Blog the final pic. I love seeing the transformation!