Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crib Slipcover

My client inherited this crib from her mom and didn't want to paint it. She decided that she'd slipcover it instead. She had a drawing showing how she wanted it done.

The two short ends are separate pieces that I boxed and piped on the top and then the ties hold it together from the sides. I also did ties on the bottom under the skirt that tied to the inside piece to keep it held down and in place.

Then I made a regular crib skirt for the crib...well not completely regular, I only did a skirt on the two long sides instead of all four.

Crib before
Crib after with slipcover
I ran a row of piping at the top of the skirt on the outside piece to make it more finished
I ran piping up the sides and over the top, I topstitched the next to the piping to keep the seam allowance from hanging out.

I boxed the top with piping so it wouldn't slide off the 1 1/4" thick wood on the top.


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Kristi~The Slipcover Girl said...

man...you can slipcover anything! love it!