Friday, December 17, 2010

red/cream slipcovers

 My client picked these items up from a yard sale... $30 each for the chairs and $100 for the couch. They had attatched cushions on the back, so I cut those off and covered them separately.  She was able to find the cream jaguard/matelesse fabric at Home Fabrics for $6/yd. It was beautiful to work with.

She used red denim for the couch. We made arm pads for everything to help with the wear. When I make arm pads I put piping in them along the front to make them look like part of the chair.

I thought these were perfect for the holiday season. She was still going to make some throw pillows to pull it all together.

Here is a close up to show the cream fabric. It washed up well.

I saw this dog pillow in one of her other rooms and loved it, so I threw it on the chair. It's wool hook looped. I thought it went well with all her new slipcovers.

Here's the ottoman as well. Yard sale finds can be great!



Del said...

Beautiful in red. I'm making white canvas clipcovers right now. Challenge = the fabric puckers as I'm sewing...any ideas what the problem is? I've adjusted the tension, but it is like the fabric is "growing" as I sew. Got the fabric from Nancy's Notions, so good fabric. Not sure what cutting "on the bias" is, does that have anything to do w/it?

Slipcovers by Shelley said...

Your top layer always tends to "grow" because of the pressure of the presser foot on the fabric...there's a knob on the top of the machine that can decrease the pressure of the presser foot. Even then... I still try to hold the fabric in front of the foot and behind the foot at the same time and gently pull it through as I sew, which helps eliminate some of the "growing".