Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another DVD testimonial

Just received another nice email today...just thought I'd share.

In the meantime, I just got back from the "Blue Water Rafting" tour in Maui. Just think of a big raft with a motor on it exploring the lava fields and lava caves on the south end of the island. We also saw whales and dolphins that were about 20 ft away from the raft...CRAZY!!! They stopped at a couple corals reefs for us to jump overboard and snorkel. Then they had lunch ready for us afterwards. I highly recommend them for a tour if you are coming to Maui. It's a smaller group size 24 max, I think we only had about 15 people.

Anyhow... onto the email.

This is Christiana. I just wanted to say hey. I can't tell you how helpful your video and sources have been in getting my business going. I'm pretty happy with how things are going....have a long way to go though! And I LOVE stopping by your website from time to time to get inspired again when I am feeling discouraged, it always motivates me to keep on going when I am thinking what in the world am I doing?!?
Hope you and your family had a great Christmas.
Thanks so much for everything!


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