Friday, June 3, 2011

Chenille stripe couch

This couch was for a client that I originally slipcovered about 8-9 years ago. She was ready for a change from the olive green chenille damask.

She also wanted to change the couch a bit too. She wanted to go from a two cushion seat to a one cushion seat. She also wanted to change the two back cushions to 3 Euro size pillows. She also decided to elminate the skirt and let the legs show.

Here's the picture of the before...the seat covers were already off when I got there. I gave her homework (hand sew the two seat cushions together with upholstry thread or dental floss). Then I would batting wrap the large single cushion and put the new cushion cover on. She also removed the skirt underneath the slipcover to show off the legs.

Here you can see how she hand sewed the seat cushions together. I thought this would work best to keep from seeing a divet in the middle of the single cushion.
Here is the after. She was worried about the Euro pillows getting saggy (they are down filled) and being able to feel the frame of the couch through them. So I batting wrapped the pillows 1 1/2 times each to make them full and thicker. I thought the single seat cushion thing worked out beautifully! No divet!

Front of the arm with the exposed legs.
The couch in the room.

Close up to show the chenille texture.

Side note--- Here we are at Luke's kindergarten graduation.

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Linda said...

OMG! What a beautiful transformation. Love your work.

Sherri said...

Wow - the changes look really great! I never would have thought of sewing the two cushions together - I'm going to have to remember that!

cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

love love love your blog and your work Shelley.
have just sent you an email - i NEED a copy of your dvd!!!
take care and have a great weekend.
mrs c. xox

Andreas Home Interiors said...

I so love this couch, and going from 1 cushion to 2, would never have crossed my mind either, but it works. I also make loose covers (what we call slipcovers in the UK) for a living and sometimes I find it hard to say goodbye to some of the things I make, for me this would have been one of them!

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Hello Shelley,

Beautiful work once again! Love the new look of that sofa.

Congratulations to Luke...start saving for college!!!

janet xox