Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yellow/ Pink Paisley chair....and out of town till June 15th

This was for a repeat client...I think the first couch I did for her was 7- 8 years ago..and we've done some other things in between, she just moved into a new house up in the avenues in SLC. So it was time to redo a few things. I think these chairs were from her mother in law. Anyhow, she chose a great paisley fabric to replace the black floral.

Chair Before

Chair after
Of course I had to do some matching....

Side Note--- I am finally finished with as much sewing as I can get done, and now I am heading to California to camp at the beach for 5 nights. Heber has been running errands and packing the car most of the day, I on the other hand sewed all day. The kids are excited to get their own treat bag for the drive. I am still being optimistic that I'll have time for a run in the morning before we head out at 10am....hmmm my house is a mess, it's 11pm and there's still more packing that needs to be done.

I may check my email periodically while I am gone...but I can't make any promises. If you want on my wait list for July, just send me an email and I'll answer you when I return.



janet said...

Hey Shelley,
Have a wonderfully relaxing time with your family!

janet xox

janet said...

PS...LOVE that chair!

Sewlutions' World said...

Enjoy your much deserved vacation. The chair looks great. You get go cover some good looking pieces.

inkley boys said...

love them and I am a repet customer who needs a chair to be slip covered, what does your summer look like?