Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gray Oval Oversized Chair

This chair was for one of my designer clients for one of her jobs. The client wanted to redo this chair for her nursery. She is due in a couple of weeks.

Chair slipcover (muslin underneath)

Chair after....gray embroidered ovals! This fabric was BEAUTIFUL and a little on the stiff side.

Front of arm...I ended all the ovals at the same spot, so I could match the skirt to the main body.

There was velcro underneath the arms on the original chair, so I sewed a strip on the slipcover. I like the way it keeps the fabric tight up under the arm.

Front of the chair.

 I have heard gray is the new tan....I think I have to agree after all my past few posts....

Side note #1--- I just received this email the other day about my dvd... I love to hear back from people.
Hi Shelley!
I wanted to send you a picture of the loveseat I slipcovered. I am a one person home based drapery workroom. I have been part time(emphasis on “part”) since my kids were in preschool! Now my daughter is a freshman in college and my son a freshman in high school. Your DVD helped me conquer some trouble spots...zippers...pleated skirt... I really enjoyed watching your DVD! Your relaxed style of teaching is just what a over thinker like me needs...and I loved the music. The other day my son was humming a song and I said “ Hey...I know that from my slipcover DVD!”. Please excuse the bumpy back cushions...they old ones were stuffed and I had to pull it out to transfer the stuffing to the new forms...they still need to smooth out.The fabric was a small diamond patterned chenille..definitely needed my industrial to get thru all the thickness. Also, thank you for your resource list. I already contacted Joe and he sent me samples of linen!

Thanks Again...and great blog!

Rose Pagel

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Here is a picture that she sent me of her loveseat that she slipcovered. I am thinking she did a wonderful job!!!!
Side note #2--- just got back from running Vegas Ragnar, and have worked everyday since then. The fall gets really busy. Everyone is getting their houses put together for their company to come.

I also had a design client that called and needs 2 couches and 9 chairs done by Nov. 11th for a store that's opening in Fashion Place Mall. So Ladies, I am now booked until Dec. 7th. and then I will be taking Dec. 15-31st off for the holidays. SO I have a few spots left, email me if you want on my list.



Shannon at madiganmade said...

Beautiful work! I love the circles... what great fabric and a lovely chair. Hope the new mom enjoys it!

Michele Alger said...

So inspiring to slipcover our couch. It needs something to bring it back to it's origional beauty! ;)