Monday, October 3, 2011

Striped Oversized Chair

This client had this large oversized chair that she wanted to use in the seating area right off her master bedroom. She loves the soft colors of shabby chic decor, so she went with a large stripe of cream/brown/turquoise.

Here is the chair before..

Here it is after...alot more fun and interesting than the cream solid fabric of the before.


Front of arm....of course all the stripes are matched up.

Outside arm


Here's what it looks like in the room!

Side note- This past weekend Heber took the boys up to the cabin to put up the gutter on the back of our newly laid roof, I had finished painting the bathroom at the cabin the day before and decided to stay home to clean out the boys room and the basement family room. Took me 6 hours! I threw out 3 bags of crap, and organized.

Much to my surprise, when the boys got home...Logan (11 yr old) informed me they hung the turquoise beadboard on the ceiling in the bathroom at the cabin!!! I was super excited, now I can't wait to go up and see it and finish putting up the trim. Heber took a few pics...but they were blurry and not blog worthy.



Tanya said...

you're so good that this!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I love it....and I wish I found this blog when I live in SLC because I need slipcovers bad!!!
You do really good work. Have a wonderful weekend!