Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cariann's Master Bedroom & Slipcover DVD Testimonial

Cariann lives in my neighborhood and wanted to decorate her bedroom after she kept seeing all my blog posts about master bedroom redo's. She asked me to help her order fabric and put it together.

She helped with April's Bedroom back in October, and after she showed the "after" pics to her husband he said, "What do we have to do to get these girls to come do our room?"....apparently just ask and commit to running a race with me! Done deal.

Bedroom--- BEFORE --- she had already taken out the rickety tv tray end tables that were next to her beautiful bed before this picture was taken.

She facebooked me her ideas and the colors she was interested in using and some tenative fabric selections that she chose with her husband on

While I was in town that day, I stopped in at Restore in Orem and saw this great chair.... 50% off day, and the chair ended up being $7.50!!! I bought it without even asking her....and then played it off, that I liked it just as it was, and it would work great. hahahaha!

Cariann cut off the back tufted cushion and ripped off the skirt to prep the chair for a slipcover. I told her I'd help her slipcover it, but she'd have to wait a bit until my schedule opened up.

She was anxious to get it done, so next thing I know, I receive an email that she had just ordered my "How to Slipcover" DVD. I told her to watch it a few times, so she could assist.

A few days later, I receive a text from Cariann with a slipcover question, and next thing I know she had completely fit the whole chair by herself! Then the next day she sewed the cushion and slipcover ALL BY HERSELF! I am so proud of her...she did an amazing job!

Bedroom--- AFTER--she reused the back cushion on the chair and got some covered buttons made at Furniture/Mattress Supply in SLC, UT. You can buy the ones at Joanns, but they are cheap and the top always pops off...especially when tufting. So I sent her to get them professionally done. They are under $1 per button to have them made.

I was expecting to help her with the tufting part.....but she couldn't wait and took care of it on her own. She did a great job!!! Can you tell she's an army wife? She's used to taking care of things on her own.

Bedroom---- AFTER- She wanted to please the hubbie and went with a more masculine feel. She loved my Menswear Dining Room Post and was inspired by the colors. She also painted the walls a light blue color.

I helped her order fabrics from The footwarmer is 3 yds of navy blue minky dot and I just roll hemmed the ends on it for her. Now it's perfect as a throw blanket and to help the white duvet stay a little cleaner with the kids.

The day her fabric showed up, she was super I told her to come back to my house and I'd help her with the pillows. She serged for me and we busted them out pretty quick.

I pieced the front pillow with some of the menswear pinstripe wool ($4/yd) that was left over from the chair and I pleat ruffled some extra bias strip that was used for the piping down the center of the pillow.

If I would have realized that she could do a slipcover all by herself, I would have let her do the pillows too. She was intimidated at first and thought she'd mess up the pillows, so I did them...and come to find out the girl has some skills!

This is her first slipcover EVER! She told me over and over she never would have been able to do it with out the help of my DVD...that she watched at least three times.

The tufted pillow made it for me. Also I love menswear. It prewashed great and was good to work with.

Close up of the bottom.....I had her remove the skirt to let the legs show. I had her order 6 yds of fabric for this chair, since she wasn't doing a skirt.

Chair--- After

Side of Chair

This morning, Cariann texted me to see if I wanted to help her shop for accessories to finish off her room. OF with someone elses money and pick out decorating stuff.... uh YES!

So we headed into town to Hobby Lobby and found some great finds....Candles, votive holders, tray, zebra (my favorite), magazine rack and picture for above the bed.

Cariann spray painted this vase that she picked up at the thrift store in a hammered metal silver color.

Zebra--- Cariann wasn't so sure, but humored me on this one---- but now she loves it in the room. I like that it's a bit funky and unexpected.

The gray fabric ended up looking way different in person than what we thought we were showed up looking like shiny foil fabric. Instead of returning it...she decided to use the inside of the fabric. Worked great!


Hi my name is Cariann and I purchased Shelley's Slipcover DVD, so I could re-cover an armchair to go in my master bedroom. I have to say that the first time I watched the DVD I was a little hesitant to start because the only sewing experience I had under my belt was, home economics in middle school and high school. The only things that I had sewn were pajama shorts and a couple of pillow cases. After high school I helped make a simple quilt that was hand tied, so you can see I am very new at sewing!

Before I started, I watched her DVD 3 times all the way through and I took notes so I could refer back to them while I went! Her DVD was just what I needed to give me the confidence to start draping the fabric and making my first cuts! I have to say that making something old into something new was very rewarding and has built my self confidence immensely! It's amazing how a little bit of fabric and hard work can make a room so nice and enjoyable to be in. Thank you Shelley for sharing your talent and letting others gain new talents as well!


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Lieske said...

I LOVE THE PICS!!! Your the best Shelley!

Barefoot Blueberry said...

I would like to add my testimonial. This DVD is fantastic and well done. Anyone can make a slipcover if you apply Shelley's good tips on her DVD.

ART aka Anna-Ruth Taynton said...

That chair came out great! I love the fabic!!!!

Pine Tree Home said...

What a great room change! Fab job and that DVD totally rocks.

momtofatdogs said...

YAY! she id d a great job. Wow, I am SO INSPIRED by reading Shelly's blog. I bought a chari at Goodwill & am ready to jump in & do my first slip. I am not as brave to try & make the first one without a muslin though! I hope that my first one is as nice as this one is.


bharati said...

Love the Pics. Can you please tell the name of the Blue fabric used...Its awesome

Lieske said...

Here is the link to the Duralee Loope De Loop Navy Fabric.

Here is the Minky Dimble Dot Fabric.

I wasn't sure which blue fabric you meant! Hope that helps!

The Winns said...

Do you have a link for the menswear fabric? You did a great job!

Slipcovers by Shelley said...

Link for pinstripe menswear fabric.