Thursday, March 8, 2012

Striped Nursery Chair

This chair was for my clients nursery. She chose a peach/cream stripe. She wanted to make it a little more modern and interesting, so we ran the stripes across on the skirt and on the front of the arms.

At first we thought we'd do them across on the skirt and on the bands of the cushions, but I thought it would be better to do the front of the arms instead. That way the stripes weren't broken up going down the front of the chair. I thought it might be too distracting to the eye.



Close up of the front of the arm.
I also decided to move the pleat from the front corner to the side...

Side note----About a month ago I signed up for a community continuing education photography class. I  am half way done with the class and it's going well! Last week for class we got to practice are a few pics I took. I am proud to say, I finally understand all my settings and light meter (which is my new best friend).



Unknown said...

This is what I need to do! I want to understand all the options on my camera and reading blogs is great but it sticks with you so much better when you actually get to USE it....And I just love looking at all your slipcovers :) inspires me to continue making!!!

Tanya said...

You make everything look so new and fresh again. Great job!

Barefoot Blueberry said...

I am jealous of your camera and photography skills. I look forward to gaining those skills myself. As always, I think your wonderful and your work is wonderful too.

Kim's Upholstery Shop said...

Lovely slipcover - the fit is impeccable!