Thursday, April 19, 2012

Paisley Rocker and Ottoman

This client fell in love with this fabric and hoped we would have enough. There was only 5.5 yds of the paisley, so she bought some solid brown velvet fabric to use as the piping and anywhere else we needed.

The chair before was muslin covered and was meant to be slipcovered.

Chair--AFTER---I don't know how...but we had enough fabric to get the chair and ottoman out of the paisley. I did the decking under the cushion on the chair out of the solid brown. It also helped that we didn't do skirts on either of them.

Front of arm.

The upper back was rounded so I "boxed" it along the top and did piping on both edges.

I also ran piping down the inside arm seam. The paisley chenille fabric shaped and bent really well on all the curves.

We headed to St. George and Vegas for Spring break. We hiked at Snow Canyon. The boys loved climbing on all the rocks. On one of the hikes there were pioneer names written on the rocks out of axle grease.

One of my boys asked,  "Why did they write their names on the rock?" reply, "Why did you carve your name in the kitchen table?"

Here's a pic of two of my boys.

Top of the hike. Me with the three boys.

The boys were obsessed with trying to catch lizards on our hikes....Here's a pic of them trying to catch one. This pic makes me laugh really hard!

Besides hiking we went to the pool three times a day! The boys love to swim. Perfect spring break!


Last time we were at the cabin...the boys made some swings underneath the cabin. They made for each of them. They loved them.

They also made some bunkbeds in their fort at the cabin....pretty cool huh? They still need to finish their fort and get a roof on it.

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momtofatdogs said...

I LOVE that paisley! I am SO lagging behind getting started on slipcovers....It will come.

I take my grandson "lizard hunting" all the time. We don't have to go far. For whatever reason those things get up under my chair cusions of the wicker chairs on my front porch. They don't do any damage, but we do have to do a chair check anytime we decide to sit down out there! I think squished lizards would be gross.