Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pair of Matelesse chairs

My client was having a big holiday party at her it was crunch time. Her husband said she couldn't have people over with their torn, faded slipcovers. I was able to squeeze her in and get them done.

Slipcover--BEFORE--- she has had these for about 12 years and the arms had taken a beating....threadbare and faded and torn.

 SLIPCOVER--AFTER---she got a great Matelesse fabric that will hold up over the years.

She was concerned about the back getting worn and dirty I made a topper out of the tan toile.

The linen gingham skirt ties in the topper. We also did gingham on one side of the cushion--so she can flip it.

She also had me make arm pads to help with the wear on the arms. We laughed when I brought it back...because basically we made slipcovers (topper and arm pads) for the slipcover. Hopefully this will help with high traffic that this room gets.


#1--I submitted a "we paid cash story" about our new car to Money Saving Mommy and she featured it this past week! 

Besides sewing...saving $ and being debt free is my other passion. Everyone always asks how I do's my advice--maintain the same lifestyle...when you get a raise or bonus--put that $ towards something specific (loan, cc debt, savings, etc.) , don't absorb it and "spend what you make".  Yes we can probably afford a bigger house than the one we bought 13 years ago---but we do we NEED it? Nope---all my boys keep migrating back to sleeping all in the same room anyways. I choose not to afford lots of things---just because you can afford something doesn't mean you should.

 I always pack a lunch, buy most stuff used, freeze milk and bread (eliminates unnecessary trips to store), make dinners from scratch, use snowball effect when paying off debt, set goals, stay focused, make lists, use, reammoratize (calculators online) every month when paying off large loans to see progress, pay off credit card in full every month, set up separate savings accounts for car, house, vacation, etc---that way the money's there if something goes wrong and you don't go into debt for emergencies or trips... I LIKE TRIPS.

Just yesterday--I headed to DI (thrift store) to pick up my son some church shoes...his other's are too small.  Got a pair of hardly worn ones for $6, then grabbed three pairs of Old Navy Jeans there as well for the boys next size for $6/ pair. I try to buy ahead of time when I find things for cheap. I figured a new pair of church shoes would've cost about $25....but I got the shoes and 3 pairs of jeans for the same price.

#2--My work Studio is coming along....We just had our first inspection (4-way). So the electrical, framing, and ductwork are done. This week is insulation. Then the following week is sheetrock---if I can get any of these contractors to call me back with a bid. Spent and hour or so checking out flooring last night at Home Depot.

#3--Our youngest son was baptized about a month ago before the holidays. He is very picky about what he this was exciting for me to see all my boys in suits!  Love how handsome they all look. That morning, I went downstairs to help him get dressed and I found my oldest had already gotten him to put on the suit and was helping him put on his tie....tears to my eyes! What a sweet moment! I love when they are being sweet and not pounding on each other!

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catpal52 said...

Absolutely beautiful - I love the mix of fabrics!

momtofatdogs said...

I love the slipcover for the slipcovers! I think the topper will have to grow on me, though it's exactly something I'd do if we still had kids & a cat at home. Kudos to you & your family for living debt free. We do too. Paid off our house 3 years ago, buy everything cash. Including cars. It's a lifestyle choice. And fortunately allows us many freedoms.


SJ said...

Love it! ALl of it...your cute family, progress on your new work space, the new slip cover and slipcover protectors, and living frugally! I've found the Sunday and soccer shoe selection dwindles when they reach sizes 6-7+ :(

LizzieD said...

I love all of the fabrics, especially the matelesse, but my machine would never get through all the layers of that esp. w/the cording!
The MSM article was fantastic- thank you for sharing all of the time-share info in the comments section.... I passed it onto our friends who own a few; didn't know you could buy credits in a second-hand market. Have a great week!

Anne said...

Beautiful slip covers! I love the mix of fabrics!

janet said...


I am sharing everywhere I can.

janet xox
The Empty Nest

So Shabby Pink said...

You are a woman after my own heart. I love used, thrift stores, and sewing. I am almost finished with the slip covers I started years ago with the help of your DVD. Love being out of debt too. I enjoy your blog so much!


Karen said...

Shelley, I love the topper idea! Looks great and provides a good solution to keeping that top area clean. The entire slipcover is very pretty.