Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sunroom Slipcovers

To help you get your house put back together and freshen up your decor after the holidays!

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I did this set of chairs for a darling grandma in Sugarhouse. She was so appreciative and grateful, she sent me home with a bag of homemade caramels. My boys loved them!

CHAIR #1--BEFORE---english rolled arm, my favorite. Faded, tired, and scratched up from the cat.

CHAIR #2-- BEFORE---faded, worn, and she removed the skirt because the cat had gotten to it.

 Chair #2-- AFTER--- great green/ cream check with skirt. I had enough fabric to self line the skirt.

Chair #1--AFTER---loved this fabric, oatmeal background with cute green floral. It washed up great. Did 1 1/2" blind hem on the skirt. Just a bit of matching :)....barely had enough fabric to center the floral on the throw pillow. She ordered 17 yds of this fabric which had a 27" repeat.

She wants to do her couch next and switch out the know how it goes- you change one thing and then it's a domino effect.

I like the eclectic look of these two chairs together....

SIDE NOTES----Lots going on in December...took about 3 weeks off work and started on our new garage and work room. We also spent Christmas week at a beach house in Southern California.

BEFORE---- had to remove fence, some concrete, and huge willow tree

DURING---Concrete pad was poured, and somehow I managed to do some man work and dismantled and removed the garage door----which I sold on I was pretty proud of myself.

AFTER---new garage went up in a day! A-shed built it. Then they came two days later and installed the garage door and electrical and rain gutters. Super impressed!

Here's my dad, he came to help for a day to help frame new wall in the old garage for my new WORK STUDIO!!! I can't tell you how excited I am. I have decorated it in my head 100 times!

I ended up going with a set of french doors that both open---Furniture go be loaded straight more hauling chairs through the house, down the hall, and down the stairs to my basement work room. We still need to have someone come stucco around the doors.

Inside of french doors

Here's the inside---can't wait to make curtains for those windows. I will have 500 sq. ft!

SIDE NOTE- #2 Christmas week was magical! We stayed at a beach house on the sand with it's own private beach and hot tub. It was on beach road in Capistano Beach, Ca. My sister and her family came as the kids had a great time with their cousins.

I don't think I've ever done almost nothing for 7 nights-- we had no plans, just hang out at the beach house.

We went on walks, read books, hot tubbed 5 times a day, went to the thrift store, cooked, made cinnamon rolls, checked out the tide pools, watched the dolphins in the surf. We even saw a whale spout right in the breakers! I LOVED IT!!!!

The kids loved looking for cool moon rocks and sea glass.

 We even got a few really sunny are all my boys soaking up the sun on our last day.

 This was our view every night! Magic, I tell you!

 The boys even ventured out and paddle boarded one day.

 HEAVEN---this was our view after getting out of the car after driving for 10 hours. Blue skies, sunny, 60 degrees---compared to our 25 degrees at home.

 We even had our own fire pit on the sand---made smores and hot dogs a few nights.

 Boys enjoyed the tide pools too!

 When we got there,  I told Heber to get ready to fall in love again....I have loved the beach since I was a little girl growing up in Southern Cal. Super romantic!

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momtofatdogs said...

Beautifull pictures of the beach! (I grew up in Orange County CA - while I miss it, my quality of life is SO MUCH BETTER not living there...) I hope your customer declawed the cat? Our cat died last month. While I miss him I can't say I miss him clawing stuff or the 18 years I spent cleaning the littler box! 27" repeat? WOW - I would have never dreamed that 17 yards would be needed. I am very glad that you post that type of information. It's gonna help me in the long run!


Mary E.Dadds said...

Great work.Chairs and ottoman look wonderful.
Tell her to get rid of the Cat.Just kiddin,our cat does it too.
I need to learn about fabric pattern repeats and measuring for fabric.

Cassi said...

Love the chair and ottoman with the oatmeal background and large print - any idea on what the fabric is called or where she got it?

Living Between Laughter said...

Looking forward to the garage reveal. I had a question on the green chairs you just did, are those new cushions in them? I noticed the couch in the background and that the seats look saggy so I assumed you replaced the cushions. Do you do that or do you have them done?
OH, when do you plan to get that advanced DVD out?

Auntie Bliss said...

aren't long car rides awful tho..

LizzieD said...

The chairs look so fresh & new! People don't believe me when I say how much fabric it takes to make a patterned slipcover!! Looking forward to seeing your new work space - you certainly deserve it for all of the work you have done for years :)

Slipcovers by Shelley said...

I didn't do new cushions on the chairs. Usually when I replace cushions, I order a down envelope from Ronco Industries in Sylmar, Ca and then slide their existing foam inside...or I get new foam if it's too old.

Not sure on timeline for the advanced slipcovering tips---I was kind of waiting for my work studio to be finished, then I could start on it.

THe large print floral was ordered from Pindler and Pindler---not sure of the name on it.

Bobi Jensen said...

I'm following you now! Loved your post over at MSM...your cabin's got my dream wheels turning :). Love it. I'm so impressed by your business.