Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lorraines Tan Linen Couch

Lorraine loves ruffles and pink and antiques. She wanted to change it up a bit with her couch.

Gold couch---BEFORE

Couch-- AFTER---tan linen blend with 3x gather on the skirt with 1" of drag.

 She had some awesome pillows to pull it all together.

I love all her collections and antiques.

I loved the 3x gather on the skirt...super full and feminine.  She wanted it just a tiny bit loose, so I made the band 1/2" taller on cushions and 1" drag on skirt and fit the front of the arms a little bit looser than I normally do.

The original couch had piping down the center in between the I did the same.


Work studio is coming along....we got new stairs and landing built with my dad's help. I got the doors and steps painted mossy, olive green a few days ago. Tomorrow we are laying the floors (gray laminate wood)!

I can't wait to get all moved in. I think I ran up and down the basement stairs at least 15 times yesterday just trying to get the car and trailer loaded for drop offs today. It will be so exciting when I can load straight  from my work room to the trailer on the driveway.

Making my curtains out of this fabric!

My Chandelier got hung this past weekend too! LOVE IT!

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LizzieD said...

Thank you for sharing your post! I sew a LOT of 'shabby chic' stuff out here. My ruffler has mnay miles on it. I contacted a Juki dealer out in our area, they didn't have any used ones, but the guy offered to sell me a new one for $1500 - yikes!! can't wait to see your new work room :)

Tasha said...

I LOVE this slipcover!!!!!
It looks amazing.