Friday, February 8, 2013

Sasha's Front room

Sasha lived in the same dorms as me my freshman year at BYU. We just reconnected at a mutual friends birthday party...and realized we looked familiar and figured out where we knew each other from.  She took a design class and picked out some fabric to decorate her front room


Ottomans--BEFORE--vinyl like fabric with an interesting upholstry job (pulled over at corners and "eased" in).

AFTER---she chose a great cottage floral with a 3/4 length gathered skirt for the wing backs and a coordinating plaid for the ottomans.

 We did a 2" pleat ruffle on the bottom of the ottoman. I had to think about the ottomans for a day---the tops were so rounded I didn't think it would work to do piping along the top edge, so I did a "kiss pleat" in each corner and did the piping from there.

 Whole room---Turned out AWESOME. Sasha did a great job picking out paint, fabric, and a rug. A room feels so much better when the furniture is grouped into a conversation area. The ottomans were placed where they were, to accommodate her lounging sons during family scripture study. I know us women always want CUTE while our husbands and boys want FUNCTION....I think this was a great compromise on furniture placement.

SIDE NOTE---just got back from our annual trip to Maui and hit the ground running with two appointment days out back to back---dropping off and picking up new items and doing fittings. I need a "mom" day to put my house back together and do some laundry.

Anyhow here are some pics from the trip! Gotta love 80 degree weather in the dead of winter!

We went with two other couples from our neighborhood--- it's always nice to have someone else that's just as white as me!

I LOVE the beach...this pic is in Kihei, where we stayed.

We did a zipline tour this time....lots of fun. We also did a kayak tour, rafting tour, and whale watch.

We drove around the north end of the island on our last day. We discovered a few waterfalls off the side of the road.

Our last sunset in Maui.

Heber climbing for coconuts!

Can't wait for next year....although I think we may try Puerto Rico next time.

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LizzieD said...

wow - the wingback chairs look so much more modern with a slipcover! I'm going to have to 'pin' this one to my slipcover samples board on Pinterest!!

Susy said...

I love what you did with the ottomans! Some projects require a little more did an awesome job!

Susy said...

I love what you did with the ottomans! Some projects require a little more did an awesome job!

Merlesworld said...

I have to recover a wingback chair as the old cover has had it, it was done in a plain fabric but yours look so good I will give the fabrics a go.

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