Thursday, March 7, 2013

Park City Slipcovers

My client wanted to redo some leather furniture that she had slipcovered previously. The seat cushion came off and the back cushion had been cut off.

 Leather chair--BEFORE

English rolled arm--BEFORE

Leather couch---BEFORE

 AFTER---leather couch and english rolled arm chair in the background on the right side.

English rolled arm---AFTER--done in an awesome heavy weight white linen!

Leather chair---AFTER---done in a white denim with arm pads. I made this one a bit roomier than normal to allow for extra shrinkage. My client said she washes them about once a month.

Both cushions covered separately on leather chair

 How amazing is her room!

I loved her tall linen curtains!

Leather couch---AFTER--- she wanted to keep her green seat cushion covers for we just did the main body and back cushions and some arm pads to help with wear and tear.

AFTER of both chairs.

Zipper down back right side behind the piping.


Moved into my new work studio this's a sneak peak! I'll do a full post next week.

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