Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pink Damask Wingback

My client was redecorating an office for herself. It was going to be the only "girly" room in the house, so she went BOLD.....Hot pink Damask!


Chair---AFTER (so excited to be able to take some pics in my new work studio). I was meeting this client in town and not at her house, so normally I wouldn't get to take pics. My old work room was in the basement and the lighting was bad.

 Front of arm--- she's going to paint the legs white.

 Just a bit of matching on the front of the cushion and down the front.

Side note--

Ogden Marathon is in about 2 months! Training is going good...just a lot of time to work it into my busy schedule, and those long runs take a lot out of you for the rest of the day. Next week my long run is supposed to be 17 miles.

Last week we ran 15 miles on a SUPER windy day...the first 6 miles were into the wind (not fun!).  At least it's warming up out there and we aren't running in 10 degrees anymore. I do love the open road runs, and being able to be outside.

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Handcrafts by Heather said...

gorgeous work! what a fun print for the chair.
love your new work space--can't wait to see more details.

Chrystal Younger said...

Love the matching! Great Job!

Christine said...

Lovely chair - and work room! Have you piped around the bottom of the cover, and do you have ties underneath? I make loose covers and am never quite sure how to finish off the bottom when the customer wants the legs showing! Christine