Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Whole 9 Yards"--Starting and Running a Successful Slipcover Business

Have you been making slipcovers for yourself, friends, and family... and now you want to venture out and make it a business? I have been running my own slipcover business for the past 13 years...and in the process I have learned a few things…

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In this 23 page PDF instant download, I share info on the following....

-Legal Stuff (DBA, Tax ID, Business license)
-Tax info (what to keep track of)
-Payment info
-Words of Advice
-How to Network
-How to do Onsite Fittings
-Equipment and Tools
-Hiring Help and How Much I Pay
-Office Stuff (scheduling, calendar, wait list, etc)
-Pricing and Yardage
-Photography Tips
-How to Order supplies (zippers, piping, down cushions)
-List of Suppliers (zippers, piping, down cushions, fabric)

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My slipcover business has been a HUGE blessing to me and my family. I love being creative and found out I have a HUGE passion for decorating and fabrics. It is such a part of me! It's my's my thing. It's what gets me excited!

The extra $ has enabled us to become debt free including our home and cabin. I never would have envisioned 13 yrs ago, when I showed up to my first onsite fitting with my 3 month old baby in tow what my business would flourish into! At the time, I was just trying to do my part to make ends meet. I went from full-time work to part-time as an assistant manager at Bath and Body Works after I had my baby. Things were TIGHT!!! After slipcovering on the side for the 1st year of my baby's life, I took the leap of faith and quit my job and have never looked back!

I love being my own boss, and making my own schedule, and being in control of how many trips I want to take. Yes, it's a challenge to stay balanced at times and meet client deadlines, but I would never go back! The pay is WAY better and the satisfaction of turning an old piece into something beautiful is much more rewarding. I love what I do!

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Katy Li said...

Hey do you think this info would translate into other custom services (like carpentry rather than slipcovers?)

Shelley Anderson said...

The business end will apply. So probably 75% of it would be useful to you.

Karen Powell Slipcovers said...

Hi Shelley, I purchased your Whole 9 Yards and got a lot of useful information from it. A couple questions: slipcover body zipper -- what teeth size and finished lengths do you buy for your business? And, Dacron wrap -- you mentioned feather envelopes and cushions but I didn't see anything about type of batting for cushions. Thanks!

Boomian said...

Hye shelley, im from malaysia. Can you ship the dvd to malaysia? Really2 interested. Or maybe I can downloaded it after I pay for the dvd. You can host it somewhere for me to download it.

Shelley Anderson said...

Boomian- Yes I can ship to Malaysia.

Clint Shaff said...

Your talent can be a good investment to put into your business. The reason is that this is what you like. And what you like is usually what keeps you going. It can be hard to commit to something you’re not interested in.