Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Grey Tweed Sectional

 BEFORE---Large cream sectional that was showing a little wear.

 AFTER--My client purchased a grey tweed type fabric (50 yds). Love the darker color in this room!

She also had me make 4 IKAT pillows to mix in with her other pillows.

 It was a large 4 piece armless sectional with an ottoman.

 We added a skirt and piping to give it a different look from the original.

Her husband was thrilled with it. Usually the husbands are indifferent--but he LOVED it as much as she did.

This pillow fabric was amazing!

 Close up of the textured gray fabric.


BEFORE---wall and carpeted, nasty stairs

AFTER---More open floor plan-- we opened up that wall that was bedroom and made it our office off the front room. We are still working on getting the balusters and handrail installed, but I wanted to show it off anyways!

We moved into our house 14 years ago--as newly weds. Our house has had to keep keep changing with the needs of our family. We finished the bonus room when we needed a family room. We finished the basement when we were pregnant with our 3rd baby and I wanted a finished work room. We took out a kitchen wall and added a bar to entertain and have more space. When my business grew, we converted our garage to my new work studio

HERE was my current problem---all the kids would hang out around the bar on the computer crowding my tiny front room/ kitchen area. Here's the ironic part--we had 2 bedrooms on the main floor that weren't EVER used (guest room and a "office"). I decided to put one to use.

It was a late summer evening and we've been talking about this project for awhile--a few other families were hanging out with us on our front porch, we decided to get started. The kids had a blast!

In progress--from the office side

Now the kids have a spot!

It felt AMAZING that next morning! I LOVED it!

 Our boys helped remove the carpet and tack strips…for $ of course!

AFTER---We installed the hardwood stairs ourselves. I bought the treads and risers from Stair-treads.com and stained and polyeurethened them ourselves. Here's their instructional video for installing. If you are redoing your stairs buy this tool for $20 from Home Depot! It makes your cuts look like magic and fit like a glove.

We did hire a handy man to patch the sheet rock and set the newell posts and install the trim since there were crazy angles we didn't feel comfortable doing it. Totally worth the money! Then Heber was awesome and repainted the whole ceiling and painted the stripes back to the right of the door.

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Heidi @ Honeybear Lane said...

Looks awesome!! Both the slipcover and the stairs. I'm totally impressed with all your DIY. And I love that picture of all the boys in front of the computer--reminds me of being young haha.

Unknown said...

Love your home makeover and the sectional. You did a great job on both!

Divine Theatre said...

Firstly, FIFTY yards of fabric? Oh my goodness! The sofa is AMAZING! Just love it!
I loved the makeover so much I brought my ten year old daughter over to see it. Really makes a huge difference. Now I am looking at my staircase...hmmmm?



awal.ny said...

It looks great. I love how open it is. Alaina

Jean said...

Really makes a difference. I especially like the graphic punches, the newel posts (sp?) on the stairs, and the kids, of course!

mitchk said...

I love that sectional! You do amazing work! Do you know where she got her fabric from?

mitchk said...

I love that sectional! You do amazing work! Do you know where she got her fabric from?

Amanda Lee said...

I love how the slipcover turned out! You did such a nice job. And the stair reno is truly inspired!