Monday, December 9, 2013

Irene's SLipcovers

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Irene's couch and chair originally had white denim slipcovers on them, but they were TIGHT and hard to get off. Plus the fabric was stiff and rough. 

She purchased some soft brushed denim and decided to switch it up with no piping and just a topstitch about 1/4" from the seam.

 BEFORE-- muslin covered bodies

 AFTER--soft white brushed denim, with a bit of a looser fit and zippers for easy removal.

Topstitch with zipper on back corner.

I also made the white tissue linen ruffled pillows. I loved the rest of her holiday pillows, especially the polka dot sweater pillow.

Chair--AFTER--I did 1/5" blind hem on the skirts

 How amazing is her chandelier?!


#1--Had a great Thanksgiving with my family-- Spent it with my sisters and their families in SLC, Ut.

 Here's me with 2 of my sisters on our walk by the gully, who knows where all the kids took off to!

My family pic for the year---love that Luke is wearing two different socks and his favorite shorts that he wears everyday!

#2--The running continues in the snow--The cold has hit early this year! No races on the books right now, but Teresa is talking us into doing the Spudman triathalon in Idaho next July. We will see!

#3--Taking the month off--but somehow I talked myself into finishing my "Get it Covered" Advanced slipcovering guide this month. I've almost got all my photos submitted to my PDF Designer.

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