Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ticking Stripe Chair 1/2

First off, I am enjoying my time off this month! No real big plans, just what ever comes up and we feel like doing. Making dinner regularly and baking, cleaning out clothes bins, organizing, working on my "Get it Covered" Advanced Slipcovering guide, running in the snow, shopping, etc. So good to have a breather and not feel the pressure of my normal schedule. Baking Cinnamon rolls is on the list for today  (request from Luke).

My client picked a grey/cream ticking stripe from www.fabric.com for this chair. I love grey! Her husband still loved their comfy chair 1/2--but the fabric didn't match the updated room.


 Chair--AFTER-- I had enough fabric to self line the skirt, so it hung nicely.

I love the pop of coral from the pillows.      

 I ran some piping down the inside arm to finish it off.

Now her whole room matches!

SIDE NOTE-- Did a quick change on my bedroom. I wanted to eliminate the mossy green and bring in some brassy gold. Here was my room before http://customslipcoversbyshelley.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-bedroom.html

My sister gave me a queen size duvet about a year ago with matching shams--worked out great for a foot warmer and back pillows. I wanted to eliminate the 3 Euro pillows along the back, so I could actually see my headboard. It took a little getting used to, at first it felt like I need 3 back pillows to fill out the King bed. NOW I love the simplicity of it.

 I sold my turquoise chevron chair and replaced it with this vintage gold arm chair that cost me $20!

 I sewed some curtains- lining them with a king size flat sheet. I was pretty excited when I realized a flat sheet cut up the center was the exact width and height I need to line my two panels and I could utilize the hem of the sheet. PERFECT!!!

I went through my stash and made the gray houndstooth pillows and pieced the front pillow. I was able to use some selvage off some vintage velvet fabric which looked like ribbon to sew down the 2/3rds seams.

 I also switched out my chandelier with one I found at Restore for $25.

I you- tubed and figured out how to install a light fixture and had my 13 yr old son help me, while Heber was at work. I wanted it up and didn't want to wait patiently till Heber was ready to do it.

 I am loving all the brassy gold stuff! I went thrifting with my sister a few weeks ago and spent $10 on my new end of the hall ensemble (cart included!)

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So Shabby Pink said...

All looks so nice! Like all of it! Merry Christmas!

So Shabby Pink said...

We had a great linen store here called Westend Stevens. They went out of business. :-( Bought a huge stack of king sized flat sheets for same purpose. $2 each. Oh, that was best find I've ever had.

Always enjoy your blog!