Monday, May 19, 2014

Grey Linen Wingbacks

My clients Inspiration pic for her chairs. She wanted an upholstered look as much as possible.

 BEFORE---a great set of unique squared wing backs.

 AFTER--grey linen with 3.5" white self lined linen band with a waterfall skirt.

 My client is moving next month into a new house, so we just shoved these in her current front room to get a few pics. Can't wait to see them in her new house!

On the Waterfall skirt, I decided to just have the front/back fold back and the sides act as the underlay.

 I topstitched the band to add some extra detail and to help it lay nicer.

Side Notes---

1. Heading to North Carolina in a few days to meet up with Gina from Slipcover Chic and Kritsi from Pink and Polka Dot for a little slipcover girls weekend! Follow me on Instagram to see some of our adventures! Search "slipcovershelley"

2. Had a great girls weekend up at Wolf Creek, UT. Watched some of my girls come into the finish line for the Ogden Half. Then we hit up the local Salvation Army where I found this $5 bookshelf! Found a spot at the end of my hall for it. I LOVE IT!!! Then we paddle boarded, hot tubbed, and watched movies.

3. Camille and I are working on our next room Makeover! Turning this boys room into a baby girl nursery with hot pink and grey on a $200 budget. Hoping to install in the next few days!

And yes we've been making some progress on our "Styling Cents"--reuse, repurpose, and revive your space decorating guide. We have a few more pics to get, then we send it off to our layout designer to make it look pretty!

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Pine Tree Home said...

Wow, those are beautiful!

Pam Morris said...

Those are beautiful. I love the waterfall skirt with contrast trim. Very chic.