Thursday, May 8, 2014

Heavyweight White Linen Slipcovers

My client had lots of items! 2 wing backs, 1 couch, 1 loveseat and 6 dining room chairs! We ordered some heavyweight white linen from Ulster Linen Company for about $28/yd….this stuff is BEAUTIFUL and heavy weight!!!

 Wingbacks--BEFORE--worn teal velvet. All of this furniture was from her childhood growing up!

 LOVESEAT--BEFORE--The linen was really heavy, but it still had a hard time covering up those dark flowers. I made a separate undergarment (like a slip) out of muslin for more coverage. Just a quick slipcover out of muslin with no piping and a  simple hem--super fast.

 DINING CHAIRS---BEFORE--Cruel covered seats that were getting worn. We actually just used a basic white twill cotton on these and self lined them. I thought the linen would be too heavy and the skirts wouldn't hang right.

 AFTER--love the white contrast with all the dark wood!

 AFTER--lots of velcro openings on these chairs to make them work with the wood coming down the center back.

 AFTER--used same cotton twill for the knife pleat edge instead of the heavy linen.


COUCH--AFTER--apparently I got too excited to put the new slipcover on I forgot to take a before pic!

 Tie opening on back and knife pleat edge.

 Finials came off--so I slipcovered like normal and sewed a button hole, so the finial could screw in after the slipcover was installed.

Photobucket Photobucket get it covered photo coveredbutton.jpg the whole 9 yards photo whole9yards.jpg


awal.ny said...

Just beautiful. I wish you were close enough to do mine so I wouldn't have to. I love the idea of mixing the fabrics. As always a superior job. Alaina

catpal52 said...

Gorgeous work--as always!