Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to Slipcover DVD sale

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I came out with my  How to Slipcover DVD  5 years ago! At the time I debated on how many DVD's I wanted to have made. Ultimately I decided on having 1,000 DVD's made. When I asked Heber how many he thought I ordered he said 300, and I told him 1,000 and we both laughed! I remember thinking--this could be a lifetime supply!

Guess what?! Last week I was down to 5 DVD's left! I placed another order and just picked up 1,000 more. So in celebration and appreciation to all my followers, I've created a 30% off discount code APPRECIATION for anyone that still doesn't have my DVD yet! This is the largest discount I've ever created for any of my tutorials.

I am so grateful to have the job I have! I love transforming  old pieces into something amazing, to work with beautiful fabrics, to work with fun clients that have the same passion for decorating, to have a flexible schedule with my family and kids. I truly do love what I do, and nothing makes me more happy than when I get testimonials on my DVD and you tell me you've started up a little business of your own and how it's blessed your family!

The holidays are coming and now would be a great time, to transform your space and freshen it up with some new slipcovers! Click below to purchase! ($31.50 plus $3.50 shipping with promo code APPRECIATION)

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OHHH--- and as a bonus, just because I want everyones house to look awesome for the holidays...APPRECIATION promo code will also take 30% off  our Styling Cents Ebook--How to reuse, repurpose, and revive your space Click below to purchase ($10.50 with promo code APPRECIATION)


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