Friday, March 5, 2010

heavy weight white linen

I have 23 yards of white linen that I am selling for $9/yd. Let me know if you are interested in all or part. My company messed up my order and sent me way too much. Anyhow it is the same white linen that I used on the couch and chair a few posts down. It is beautiful and is a nice heavy weight that works great for slipcovers and duvets.

shelley 801-789-5931


Deana said...

Hi - is this fabric still available? If so, is it washable? And would I be able to get an additional 10-12 yards of the same fabric? Thanks very much.

Slipcovers by Shelley said...'s still available and I could probably order you an additional 10-12 yds. It is washable. And is a fabulous weight. Give me a call and we can work out the details. 801-789-5931.

Cyndi said...

The Cabin is looking great how fun for you! love all you stuff, your very talented!

Slipcovers by Shelley said...

This is now gone...but if you are interested let me know and I can order you some.

Chris said...

I have been trying to find a source for heavy weight linen. Will you share where you purchased it?