Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Geometric Chair

 Muslin chair---BEFORE

Chair--AFTER--- Navy blue geometric barkcloth print. She got this fabric from www.fabric.com.  I loved this bold print and the fabric was great to work with.

Piping up and along the outside arms and back and along the bottom edge.

We kept the clean lines and did no skirt.

I was able to work this client into my schedule before she moved to California!

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Michelle said...

Gorgeous! Have you ever thought of moving to WA? Lol. You do AMAZING work!

Rachel VanHook said...

Still so inspired by your work....Haven't commented in awhile but I'm always looking at your latest covers. I LOVE this one! The fabric is awesome. I just finished up my first reupholstering project and would love to do more so I'm always scoping out good fabric for future projects.

Queen of Chairs said...

Great job, I can't believe that is a slipcover it fits so tight, it looks like you reupholstered it, I love it!

Taunnie said...

Fabulous! I've tried a couple of slipcovers and they are tough. You did such an amazing, profesional job!

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Beautuful job!!
Looks like it is upholstered.
Great fabric....nicely done

Slipcover Chic said...

Beautiful and so neat! congratulations on Pink and Polkadot featuring you!!

Rebecca said...

That is a slipcover??? Wow!! Does your DVD cover how to do a skirt less slipcover?

Sherry @ Living in the Rain Garden said...

I am inspired by your beautiful work to make slipcovers. You mentioned in an earlier post you use a industrial machine. Do you think I can make slipcovers with piping on a household Bernina?