Sunday, June 17, 2012

MaryLu's tan linen slipcovers

BEFORE--- Muslin covered furniture...ready for some slipcovers

AFTER-- Tan linen slipcovers for all the main bodies and seat cushions. She wanted the ottoman to be a statement with a  few purple pillows spread around the room. Easily changeable in a few years or with the seasons.

Chair--AFTER with purple pillow, matelesse pillow, and a ruffled accent pillow.

AFTER-- whole room....LOVE IT! She had some wingback chairs reupholstered in the ottoman fabric for the kitchen table.

Pillows had some texture--

Gathered skirts for all the slipcovers.

SIDE NOTE #1--- Another Slipcover DVD testimonial! I love testimonials!

Hi!  This is Amber.  I bought your DVD several months ago and finally put it to use.  I just finished a couch (as my first project!) this week and am very pleased.  I put the word out that I would make these for people and had quite a few people respond!  Exciting! Thanks so much for your DVD!  

SIDE NOTE #2-- Just got back from our annual camping trip at Carlsbad State Beach in California. I haven't downloaded my camera yet...but here are a few photos from Heber's phone. We had a great time!

 La Jolla tide pools.

 Amazing sunset one night.

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Meg said...

SO pretty Shelley!!

janet said... already know I love everything you create!!!! These slips are GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Janet xox
The Empty Nest

Jodie said...

Beautiful! Furniture you want to snuggle up in and read a book!

Tracy Walters-Madison Manor said...

I live close to Carlsbad...could of sent you home with tons of furniture needing slipcovers. Have a daughter who lives in Salt Lake, may have her take some things to you someday soon. Gonna order the video and try a dining chair first, if it's just a disaster then I'm sure we'll be talking slipcovers. Thanks for sharing your talent and family. Tracy at Madison Manor

paula said...

I love the sofa, those lovely pillows are so cute especially the ruffled accent pillow. Those are perfect to my living room are my condo. :)
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