Saturday, November 24, 2012

Red Basket Weave Chair

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My client chose this great heavy weight red basket weave fabric. It was literally like a blanket...super thick. Luckily she didn't want a skirt. I don't think I could have done one with this fabric.
Chair--BEFORE--- muslin covered and ready for a slipcover. 

 Chair--AFTER---great red chenille fabric.

 Back cushion and outside arm

 I loved it with her cow ottoman and floral chair--I love mixing patterns and textures, and having an unexpected piece.

Front of chair--- I made the front part under the cushion extend over to the outside arm, so the front panel would look cleaner.

SIDE NOTE---- My sister just finished putting together my Christmas card. My youngest lost his tooth the day before we took pics!

 Front of card

 Back of Card--- We joked that the boys were lowering each other down to catch lizards.


Christine said...

Lovely red chair cover!! How did you finish it off at the bottom, I think I can see it tied underneath? - I make loose covers plus other soft furnshings and its interesting to see how other people make theirs!! Great blog, thanks, Christine.

House Revivals said...

Love the slipcover! It is so perfectly fitted -- beautiful. You're right, that is a thick fabric, but it looks amazing and I'll bet it will be super comfy!