Thursday, November 8, 2012

White Denim Loveseat with ruffled skirt

Loveseat --BEFORE

 Loveseat--AFTER, she was wanting a change. I loved her wood floors that were white washed.

English rolled arms are my favorite.... I did a 1 1/2" blind hem on the skirt and gathered it. The denim didn't hang well with the gathers, so I ironed the gathers down, so they'd lay better.

I followed the original lines of the loveseat and piped down the center front.

Side Note-- I am taking December off, so I am on the home stretch...just finishing up 16 parson chairs, and then 2 more chairs and an ottoman!

I am outgrowing my current work room in my basement and have decided to convert our garage to my new work room---so that will be my (Heber's) December project. I am pretty excited about this...just the thought of unloading furniture from the driveway straight into my workroom instead of hauling all the pieces down stairs is AMAZING! 

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pbrenner said...

Your work is so beautiful! I have worked my way through your CD several times, and started my own first slipcover - a wingchair. Your video was SO helpful, the cover is turning out better than I imagined for a first project. One question on this love seat you showed - does your ruffle cover the original ruffle, or did you remove it? Thanks again, and enjoy your upcoming month off!


Anne Boykin said...

Hi Shelley, Wow, it came out beautiful! Great job, what a transformation.

Tracie OB said...

What they said!! x 100 :); Question: since the loveseat already had a ruffle on it, did you remove it in order to put the slip cover on?

Slipcovers by Shelley said...

I left the original skirt on underneath the new slipcover.

Heather Hillier said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!