Friday, November 2, 2012

Camille's Front Room UPDATE

I helped Camille about 2 years ago with her front room....which she loved. But lately she was wanting to update it just a bit. 

Front room---from 2 years ago (BEFORE)

Free Ottoman I picked up on my local Facebook yardsale page. I wanted to keep it for myself, but after realizing I didn't have a spot for it and it sat in my spare room for 4 months---I offered it to Camille.  I LOVE round ottomans.

Here's what we ended up with.... She kept her main pieces (gray couch and paisley chair). We added a new rug, new pillows, and a round ottoman.

She also found a mantle on for $50. The rug is from and the gray houndstooth ottoman fabric came from for $7/yd.

How beautiful did her room turn out??? I LOVE IT! I happened to see the bird fabric on the pillows at our local fabric store the week before she ordered her rug, luckily...they still had a little left.

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