Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gray Linen Waterfall Skirt Couch

My client purchased her home last year and has been remodeling and has finally moved in! She got this couch, but wanted to protect it with a slipcover.

Couch--BEFORE-- tan suede

Couch--AFTER-- she got a great heavy weight gray linen from Restoration Hardware to match the chairs she ordered.

She wanted to to do a waterfall skirt to match the chairs (hadn't arrived yet at time of photo).

I did a 1.5" blind hem---Don't mind the wrinkles, they'll fall out (it was folded in bag for delivery)

I did piping down the inside arm instead of tuck in. This couch is going to get lots of use (TV room), and I didn't want her to have to keep re tucking when they got pulled out.

Since the arms were straight and not a rolled arm, I didn't need to do a zipper---which made it easier with the waterfall skirt.

Center pleat seam---did decking separate, to save fabric and so I could do a pleat.

She had also gotten these teak outdoor wing backs from Restoration Hardware. She had me order some down cushions for the seats and had me slipcover them in a rustic burlap looking ticking stripe. 

She ended up having me slipcover her two benches that were in front of the fire place as well. Great striped linen with a gathered skirt.

I ironed the gathers down after the skirt was sewn on. Gives it more of a drapey look than a puffy look--if that makes sense.

SIDE NOTE---working on my "Advanced Slipcovering Guide"---I am going to show tips on how to do the following....

1. maximize fabric 
2. finish options (piping, topstitching, french welt) 
3.skirt options (gathered, basic, no skirt, waterfall, box pleat, knife pleat) 
4.skirt finishes (self lined, rolled hem, blind hem) 
5.arms (telephone arms, english rolled arms, arm pads)
6.pattern matching (stripe, plaid, large pattern)
7.attached back cushions
8.wing backs 
9.lining a slipcover
10.ottomans (box top, round, pullover)
11.sectional &unsymmetrical items
12.hideabed couch 
13.parson chairs 
14.scrolled backs
15.velcro to main body

Anything else you are dying to learn about???

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Pine Tree Home said...

So beautiful! I use your DVD all the time as my go to. Once thing I keep struggling with each and every time is matching up my corners in a box cushion. Sometimes they are dead on, and sometimes the bottom is a little off from the top. I think I am doing something weird.

Karen said...

Your Advanced Slipcover Guide is a great idea, Shelley! I’ve purchased many books and videos since I went pro last year but I rarely find the in-depth how-to instruction I’m looking for. Many of the books I have are geared towards the hobbyist. They cover a range of topics but explanation is vague and photos are bad. All of the topics on your list are things I’m interested in getting better at.

I also want to learn more about constructing the deck area. Every chair seems to pose a challenge. I have issues with curved decks, excess fabric at corners, side tuck-ins matching up with the back, etc. And, what about seam options at the front arm at the deck??

Instead of one big e-book, what about breaking up the topics into modules and maybe bundle them in threes? That way a slipcover maker can choose the topics that are most meaningful to her. Examples:
1. Finishes: finish options: piping, topstitching, French welt, closures: buttons, zipper options, Velcro, etc.
2. Fabric Stuff: maximizing yardage, pattern matching,
3. Telephone arms, English roll arms, arm pads, attached backs, scrolled backs, wing backs
4. Skirts: style options, finishes

Please write an ebook on how to start and run a profitable slipcover business. The timing is right. Many people are looking to make a career change and want to have their own business. Last year I left a 25 year career in product manufacturing and started my slipcover business. Although I have many years of business experience I would like to learn the specifics of slipcover pricing, marketing, scheduling and tips for working more efficient in the workroom.

Thanks, Shelley! Looking forward to what you come up with.

Unknown said...

Love them all they look great! Very nice job on the waterfall skirt. And I like the idea of piping in the tuck area, will have to remember that one!

Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

your work is just amazing. that sofa is to die for.

momtofatdogs said...

This post is worthy of a magazine photo spread. I love the gray - gotta find some of that striped linen. It's gorgeous.

I love the look of the waterfall skirt. Any thought to explaining the styles & techniques & why one would be better thant he other? Or how about the types of "tuck-ins" on different styles of furniture?


Lisa Gatz said...

I love your work! I came over from the Empty Nest!

Reinventing Eden said...

Your work is gorgeous and I need to learn how to do what you do. I was directed here from The Empty Nest in Warrenton and I need to win your video!

Denise Shideler

TJM wanna be quilt artist said...

Janet sent me ;-)

Theresa said...

I've enjoyed visiting your blog and leave feeling inspired. Was sent by The Empty Nest.

Aprons and More said...

Love the blog! Janet, from The Empty Nest, sent me for a visit!

Katy :)

Anne Boykin said...

Janet from the Empty Nest sent me! I already follow your blog and enjoy your beautiful work.

Wood Icing® Company said...

Janet from the Empty Nest sent me too. I am so impressed with your work! My mother was a seamtress and instructor of tailoring, but do you think I would have taken it seriously? Now I wish I had. I only know enough to be dangerous.

Unknown said...

Janet at The Empty Nest pointed me in your direction. So glad she did! The work you do is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing!

Darling Details said...

I am supposed to post that I found you through the empty nest, but I actually saw this post about the giveaway because I follow you. You do amazing work. I would love to win the giveaway.

Leslie said...

I adore the grey slipcover! Wow. I've arrived here via Janet @ empty nest. She's giving away your wonderful DVD, hoping I win. :) Cheers!

Colette said...

Shelley I am always impressed when I look at your work. So professional and beautiful. Your slipcover DVD is the best and worth every penny spent I can't wait for more instruction. I second what Karen said.

Amy said...

I am looking forward to your advanced slipcovering DVD. The line-up looks great so far! I was also hoping that maybe you could talk about slipcovering c-shaped sofas and/or chairs with rounded backs. I have tried twice to slipcover mine and it just never seems to come out right!