Thursday, May 23, 2013

Striped Upholstered Rocker

My client wanted to redo this chair for her little girls room.

Chair---BEFORE---you can see my pins marking my center, so I could line up all those stripes.

Chair--AFTER-- this stripe wasn't symmetrical, it ran pink, blue, green,pink..... I decided the pink stripe was the most dominant that my eye went to--so I picked the center between the pink stripes to be my center (white stripe with tiny pinstripe of light blue). This way it looked more symmetrical.

I notched out around the rockers.

Lapped zipper on back right corner next to the piping.

The top corners were more rounded, so I did a kiss pleat (like the original) instead of a seam or fold one way. I also did piping down the inside arm seam (looks nicer this way, especially with stripes).

I timed the stripes on the front of the arms to coincide with the they don't miss a beat. (This is easier to do than you might think....I took photos for my Advanced Slipcovering guide, and will give you step by step instructions)

Side Note---My sister found this old photo of my grandparents. They used to travel across the country and sleep in their car quite often. Here they are sleeping in their station wagon. It's like a Ragnar race! Now that my marathon is over, I am seriously debating jumping on a team to run Wasatch Back next month.

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Gina Roberts said...

Beautiful. Can't wait for your new slipcover guide! When is it going to be ready?

Tammy McClellan said...

Great job!

Tammy McClellan said...

Great job!