Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pink Topstitched Wingbacks

These were for a Designer client. He wanted the casual look of slipcovers for these chairs. At first, I was sad to cover up the beautiful wood and nailhead trim---but then when they were finished I saw his vision, like I always do.


 Wingback--AFTER- he never does piping, it's almost always french welt (flat flange with  pleats at corners) or topstitched. I loved the clean look of it.

 Inside wing topstitched at base

I topstitched EVERY seam using my topstitching foot.

1.5" blind hem on the skirt--it was a thicker beautiful weight fabric.

I loved the chairs with a skirt on them.

Here are some of his other rooms....

Chalk Garden co-op slipcovers with french welt

16 dining chairs post... This pair of pink wing backs are actually going in this house.


#1--I have been thinking about writing an "advanced slipcovering tips" guide for quite awhile. I wrote up the outline during spring break on our drive to Moab, and I started taking pics this week. I am finally feeling balanced and not CRAZY, so it's a good time to start this HUGE project right?

 I will go over wing backs, matching, skirt options, telephone arms, english rolled arms, waterfall skirt, and MUCH more.

#2---Sewing contest update---Click to see the results....Naptime Crafters Blog. Thanks everyone for your support and votes!

#3--- I came across these old pics the other day of my old work room! I have never showed them before, because I was too embarrassed and thought they looked very UNPROFESSIONAL.

cramped, bad lighting, in the basement...need I say more?

I am SO Happy to be out of this space! Funny how excited I was moving into it 9 yrs ago. I definitely outgrew it! And yes, I had to haul all the furniture and cushions through the house and down the stairs into the basement.

 MY NEW WORK STUDIO---100% worth the pain and $ of the remodel. (we converted our garage). Now I can load straight from the driveway through the french doors. Happy day--- I like to save my workouts for running not carrying chairs!

 #4-- Went to the cabin last weekend to finish up the railroad tie stairs and get the water turned back on after the winter.  Logan learned how to use the chainsaw for the first time! I was a proud mama tearing up, watching my boy become a man. Love to watch Heber teaching the boys man stuff, melts my heart and makes me fall in love with him even more! Love that man!

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Mary E.Dadds said...

Beautiful work as always on that Pink chair.

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your win! That's fabulous...and so is the chair ;-)

Saltaire Restoration said...

Beautiful as always!

pbrenner said...

Congratulations on the win - well deserved! And I love the pink chairs - it's amazing how big a small detail like the top stitching can *make* the look. And I look forward to the advanced techniques/tips - one of these days I *must* send you photos of the slipcovers I've made after getting your dvd, even my husband was impressed :-)


Sarah said...

Shelley, these chairs are so beautifully finished and your workroom is amazing. I am always in admiration of your work!