Monday, September 16, 2013

Larsen Master Bedroom

One of my passions is decorating!!! Camille (one of my best friends and running partner) loves it just as much as me. When I say decorating-- I mean "Thrift Store" Decorating, scrappy, repurpose, use what you have, make it work, and make it beautiful on a budget!!

We talked our friend Brooke into letting us do her Master Bedroom. Camille started a pin board on pinterest and had Brooke pin the things she loved. After browsing her pinboard we chose the color scheme of NAVY and CORAL. 

This was her inpiration pic from Censational Girl blog.

BEFORE---her husbands (Mike) only request was to keep the waterbed! I took a look at it and figured we could make it work. I could make it look like a platform bed, and more modern. I figured we could turn the headboard around to update it and lose all the cubbies, mirror and sconces.

BEFORE---too short of curtains, and not so cute valances---sorry Brooke. I also wanted to eliminate the home gym in the corner---it was time for a "Big Girl" room.


I also slipcovered the lamp shades in a blue diamond fabric. The duvet is from size was $80--beats buying the fabric and sewing it myself! A king size Duvet requires a minimum of 6 yds per side....12 yds total.

 We bought Lenda Curtains and rods from IKEA--and Heber came and hung them for us. Those chairs were $16 for the pair and the upholstry was great. We didn't have to do any work on them. I like the eclectic look--"ladies chair" and "MAN chair". My sister gave me the rug, and I decided it would make Brooke's room more than it "made" my guest room---so I decided to donate it to the cause.

 My sister sold Brooke two of these dressers for $30 each.... Our art work is a vintage card table, we got for $2!

 $6 chair! $1 magazine basket! Free rug!

 Notice the light fixtures---Heber was a great sport and came and hung them for us! They were a little controversial and I may be the only person who was in LOVE with them. What do you think? I think the add some glam to the room!

 We love all our little trinkets that ranged in price from $.50- $3.99

 Look how well the spray painted file cabinet turned out! I don't like "bed in a bag", I like things to look collected and not decorated. Everything doesn't have to be matchy- matchy. It gives more visual interest if things aren't the same.

 See--Brass, silver, glass, and dark wood all on the same end table---

 We weren't sure how the sides of the headboard would look when it was all done---but I actually love it.

Coral fabric on pillow was from for about $7/yd

PROCESS---Hit the local Thrift Store without Brooke---Spent $65 on 2 chairs, 4 lamps, card table, magazine basket, and some trinket accessories... Camille and I were on a HIGH----All the while Brookes husband is texting us joking....saying we won't be reimbursed for junk! We told him it was all FABULOUS JUNK!!!

 We love mixing the rustic, with modern, and mixing brass with silver.

 We hit a second thrift store and spent another $4 on a grey IKAT dress (revamped into pillows), and some other accessories.

We gave Mike homework---he had to paint the room grey for us. Then we took over from there! We sanded down the bed and flipped the headboard around. Camille was great with that sander! We then stained the bed Espresso.

 Bonus--the back of the headboard was raw wood and took the stain BEAUTIFULLY! It made me happy!

 We needed a second end table--our first one was given to us by my sister when I helped her move. I saw one out in the rain at my clients house, and asked if she was getting rid of it. She graciously let me have it and I picked up a can of white spray paint on my way home!

Brooke's light fixtures were builder grade, and not very exciting. She trusted me and let me pick up a pair of these brass one's from the local Restore Habitat for Humanity for $10 each! She wasn't so sure about them---but they worked perfectly!

Total we spent $550 and that included down comforter, sheets, duvet, paint, light fixtures, two dressers, two end tables, curtains, curtain rods, spray paint, accessories, 2 chairs, 3 pillows, 4 lamps, and rug....One mans junk is another mans treasure!

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ANNAM said...

Great transformation! My favorite was the card table turned into art work. Genius!

Gina Roberts said...

You did such a beautiful job! I love it!

catpal52 said...

Card table as art--brilliant! But turning that headboard around and using the back was pure genius.... It looks great, and I'm with you--I HATE bed in a bag. Boring....

Reenie said...

Here brom Better After.... great job on the bedroom re-do. :)

Beverly said...

Where did you find the sheets? I'm having a hard time finding waterbed sheets under $100/set :/