Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nik's Bedding

Nikki is my youngest sister. There are 6 of us kids. Two older brothers and then came the four girls! We weren't always the best of friends---but now we are TIGHT! I talk with my sisters about every other day. After my parents divorced when I was 18, us girls became best friends. 

My mom moved to Utah from with my two younger sisters (age 13 and 15) and my dad stayed in California. At this point I was already attending BYU in Utah and my older sister ended up coming to Utah as well. I would sleep over at the house and we'd stay up and have giggle fits and all sleep in the same room. We would cut up magazines and decoupage suit cases, hike up the canyon, and Angie would dress us up and take pics of us.

Here's a pic of us in order from back in the day. I am the second from the left. (Charice, Shelley, Angie, Nikki)

Here's a current pic from a few years ago on one of our sister trips....Yes somehow we are in the same order as the above photo. I am second from the left. Our brothers are pretty awesome too~ 

Anyhow....a few weeks ago, Nik wanted to update her bedding. She found a pic on pinterest of a crazy beautiful headboard. She wanted to surprise her husband that was out of town. She called my dad, who is the best project helper out there and I found a link with some instructions on Addicted 2 Decorating blog for the same headboard. And this is what they put together out of fence slats....

It turned out AMAZING! For the pillows, I had found some vintage velvet at the thrift store and bought it on a whim ($10 for 6 yds)! We ended up using it for her two shams and utilized the selvage detail for the ruffle (looks like ribbon). 

Close up of Selvage detail.

Nik came down and stayed the night at my house with all her kids. We got the kids in bed, and then went to work till 1am.

We wanted to lighten up the bedding with some baby blue--I went through my stash and pieced some stuff together (she debated on navy blue and baby blue). The small print on the outside edge is from a sheet.

My dad---He is crazy productive and loves a project---hmmm I wonder where I get it from? This pic is when he helped us put larger windows in the cabin a few years ago. He just moved to Utah last year.

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Gina Roberts said...

Shelley..sweet post. You are blessed with a sweet family!

Chrystal Younger said...

Love the idea with the selvage! Nice blog post!

Kristi~The Slipcover Girl said...

lovely. but give up the headboard details? did she make it? i have been wanting to make one just like it!

Stephanie Norris said...

Amazing! It really is beautiful, and the shams and neck roll you created are just stunning. Wow, what a great dad you have! And talented to boot.