Friday, September 27, 2013

Vintage Quilt Couch

My client loves yardsales, and picked up this couch about 3 yrs ago. She had always intended to slipcover it. It just took her awhile to find the perfect fabric. While shopping at an estate sale, she eyed a vintage quilt that some one else was looking at. She waited patiently to pounce on it as soon as they set it back down. 

It was what she had been looking for. MAGIC--when you know it's it and there's no second guessing.

Here was her inspiration photo. Almost identical shaped couch with dark legs and a darling pleat ruffle along the bottom edge.

 Couch---BEFORE---it had seen better days....worn and dirty, but AWESOME lines and comfortable.

Couch---AFTER--we just used the vintage quilt on the inside back and a cream canvas everywhere else. I was able to get 4 pillows out of the quilt as well. I had to work around bleach spots and make sure the pattern was centered. They turned out great though!

She had the most amazing house full of yardsale finds. She goes to yardsales every Saturday---jealous!

I did 2.75" pleat ruffle with 2" between pleats with 1.5" kickback. The canvas was pretty thick, so I couldn't self line the pleat ruffle. I did a .75" blind hem instead.

 Close up of quilt. The quilt gave it a great texture and character to a plain cream slipcover. She said, "It turned out better than what I was expecting!" YAY!!! Bringing things back to life and making them beautiful makes me so really HAPPY!

 The lighting wasn't the best today inside (cloudy and rainy), so I switched to my 50mm lens (close up lens that lets in more light) and was able to get some decent pics. Her house was too beautiful to not get good pics. I love her two new blue chairs with cane backs that she got for $10!

SIDE NOTE---opening the office project is well under way!

Here is the BEFORE....

 Here is the wall opened up! LOVE IT! My dad came and looked in the attic and looked at our blueprints and determined that wall wasn't load bearing---so we took it out!

SO much bigger and open and the kids can sit on the computer in the office instead of 10 kids standing around my bar.

 I paid my 13 yr old son to remove all the carpet from the stairs. Our plans are to do hard wood stairs with 6" craftsman newell posts. I ordered new stair treads and risers from

This is my inspiration pic from Remodelaholic blog
Here's my upcycled kitchen chandelier. I decided my cream one didn't go anymore. I found the silver one at ReStore in Park City. I removed the glass shades and had Heber grind off the swirly parts down the center stem. I then put in clear light bulbs---LOVE IT! More industrial.

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Regine said...

You do beautiful work and I always enjoy your blog post. Love the combination of the quilt and canvas on this sofa. Good luck with your home upgrades.

Pine Tree Home said...

Lots of fun stuff! The couch turned out great! Can't wait to see what you do now that the wall is down.

Susan - Uniquely Yours or Mine said...

The couch turned out beautifully! I love the opening you created for your office as well. I hope your son got paid well for removing that carpet, I know it wasn't easy ;)

Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

wow! love the sofa slip cover but the wall removal is amazing! i love it! can't wait to see how it turns out. traveled over to your blog from MMS.

Amy said...

Love the remodel and your chandelier upcycle is brilliant!

Amy said...

Love the remodel and your chandelier upcycle is brilliant!