Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Plaid Menswear Chair

My designer client wanted to redo this chair for her man client. It was his grandparents chair. Julie was redoing his bachelor pad and wanted to use some sentimental items.

Chair--Before--worn mint velvet.

Chair--AFTER--Brushed Menswear plaid with contrasting navy piping to frame it and make it "manly". The brushed fabric made for a beautiful cozy chair.

Plaid is the most difficult to match--you need to try as much as possible to match it both ways! I offer tips on how to match plaid in my "Get it Covered" Advanced Slipcovering guide . 

I loved that we were able to bring this chair back to life. Julie always picks out great fabrics!

Side Note---I don't have any! Just enjoying life back at a normal pace!

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Michelle Jensen said...

Hi there! So so so handsome I should say but I do really love this so normally I would so so so cute :) Great Job and nice of you to share.