Sunday, February 20, 2011

2 piece Sectional

This was a 2 piece sectional with attatched back cushions. I cut off the cushions and "boxed" them. Which means 2 rows of piping like on a box cushion instead of the single row of piping (pillow style) that was there originally.

The back cushions looked a little saggy before...but once I boxed them they filled out better, also the cushions can be flipped which helps distribute the wear.

Before...gingham was getting a little bit worn.. you can kind of see where I cut the cushions off, and notice the single row of piping on the back cushions.
See how the front of the arm tapered down...I wasn't sure how to make it look good, I played around with pleats and then chose to seam it...which worked really well. We also made the skirt taller and dropped it from the decking.

After...see the back cushions are now "boxed". She went with a solid tan twill/denim, that way she has a neutral base and can switch out pillows.
Here is the front of the arm where I seamed it to taper it out instead of doing pleats. I thought it would look cleaner that way.
Another after...I love how it changed the feel of the room..more calm and serene with her gorgeous blue walls.

I ran 9 miles on Friday to get ready for Del Sol Ragnar Relay next weekend. They changed the legs again.... so now my longest is 9.2 miles instead of 7.6. We all (12 people on a team) take turns running three times each. The whole race is about 200 miles. I am so excited to go and get myself another medal for my collection!



The Fullers said...

I absolutely love the boxed in cushions! said...

You never cease to amaze me. I would have never thought of turning those into box cushions. Brilliant!

Cozy Cottage Slipcovers said...

Wow! What a difference. The sectional looks brand new!!

Pine Tree Home said...

I really like the boxes cushions. So stylish. And the taller skirt brings this sectional into a new life. Great job.

Katie Gee said...

I loved that you brought the skirt up to the decking. It makes the sectional look much more simple. This is my most recent favorite. Great job Shelley!

Slipcover Chic said...

Love it, good idea on the arm seam. I have one I am getting ready to do, and the arm is made just like this. Thanks for the inspiration. Beautiful work. And I love the box cushion also.

Comeca Jones said...

I love it you do a grand job every time! (as I am bangin my head sayin why dont you live near) lol !Thanks for showing us what we can do right from home.

The Larchars said...

Becky had a link to your site and I was so impressed with the work you did I had to check it out. That sectional looks AMAZING- the boxed pillows were genius. I am totally keeping your info because I may be hiring you in the future. :-) Fabulous job!!!