Thursday, February 10, 2011

Old plaid couch

This couch was from my clients friend. She called me because it needed a new life. The fabric was wearing through on the cushion she put the zipper side out to make it last a little longer. The back cushions were quite a bit saggy, so I had her pick up a bag of quilt batting for when I brought the slipcover back. I took the old covers off and wrapped the batting around the insert and then put the old covers back on. Then I put the new slipcover cushions on...that way when she takes the slipcover off to get it cleaned, the batting is contained and not all over the place.


Look at the saggy back cushions

After.... look at how much fuller and new the back cushions look. Quick fix for about $12 total for the batting.
Front of arm...she chose a great red linen that had a backing (white muslin) on it. So it was really stable, thick and more heavy duty than normal linen.
She topped it off with some pillows from IKEA.



chair up said...

That looks brilliant! What a difference the layer of batting makes, a great quick-fix tip :o)
You do beautiful work.

Sticks and Stones Home Decor said...

I am so impressed. What does something like this cost? said...

Phenomenal! Simply gorgeous job. It so makes me want to cover something, anything!

JoAnne said...

I am waiting for your DVD to arrive in my mailbox & have started planning all the beautiful things I want to do to my ugly old furniture. One of them is to cover a light yellow microfiber couch with a red twill. I am concerned that the red will "stain" the yellow couch underneath(haven't we all thrown a new red shirt in the laundry & wound up with pink undies?) Can you offer any insight or suggestions? If I wash the new fabric first, should I be safe? I just hope my work is half as beautiful as yours.

Thanks, JoAnne

Slipcovers by Shelley said...

Definitely prewash the could always drape some muslin or a white sheet over the couch before you put the red slipcover on. Take off the yellow cushion covers, before you put the red ones on. You could always line the whole thing with muslin...but that's a little bit of work.