Monday, May 23, 2011

Drop Cloth Couch, Chair, and Ottoman with French Welt

These items were for a designers client for their office. This client likes to get all his drop cloths from Sherwin Williams, they seem to be a little bit better quality than the Home Depot or Lowes drop cloths...less flaws and bare/ thin spots.

Here is the chair before...light blue plaid with a coordinating floral.

And here is the matching couch in the same floral.

Chair after in drop cloths with french welt.

On the top back of the chair...I decided to keep the original seams and "boxed" the top edge. I played with it and decided it looked better to keep the original lines.

Close up of "french welt" which is basically piping with out the cording inside. So it's a 2" strip of fabric folded in half and sewn in the seams. Then on the corners you have to "kiss pleat" the french welting so it'll bend around the corners.

Here is the couch AFTER. Love the cleaner look without the floral and plaid...much better for a man's office.

Front of couch
Another front shot of the couch.

-- Side note... I am on the home stretch, we leave to camp at Carlsbad State beach in 2 1/2 weeks. I still have several items I am trying to finish and drop off before we leave. I am utilizing Heber (husband) for most of my drop offs. I still have a couch, 3 chairs, and two ottomans that I need to get done this week, and then I have 2 chairs, some cushions, and some bedskirts to finish the following week. Then I am going to be hanging out on the beach in Southern California for a week. Nothing like working hard before a trip!!!!
Oh did I mention...Heber has enlisted me to make a cover for our new air mattress. The last one we bought only lasted for two uses. So this time he spent alot more money hoping the higher quality will help (maybe if the kids don't jump on it...that might help too). I have some navy blue cable knit sweater looking fabric that's soft and I think I may use it for this project. I don't know when I am supposed to get it done though. Most likely the night before we leave.



Pine Tree Home said...

I have to experiment with that welting! Looks great.

Sherri said...

Gorgeous! Good tip about the drop cloth. And I too will have to try that welting sometime.

Tina Johnson said...

those are lovely but i do have a question. How washable are drop clothes? Do you wash them first?

marĂ­a cecilia said...

This is just what I´m looking for these days, someone that makes lovely slipcovers and pillowcases as you do, sad I live so so far away!!! Love your work!!!!
hugs from Chile

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Hello Shelley,
Beautiful work as always. I will have to check out the other brand of drop cloths.
I am working on one right now. Ummmm...french welting?

Remember to breathe in-between jobs.


janet xox

Unknown said...

Sure wish I lived closer to you Shelley! We use to live in San Diego (actually in Alpine, east of El Cajon), but in 2003 we sold our house and moved to Washington State. Since I'm so far away....guess I'll just have to try it my self. BTW Love you site. ~Tricia

Tiffany Interiors, LLC said...

I love the french welt also. I am going to try it!