Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Loveseat and Chair

This was for a client that purchased pieces off of KSL.com (local classifieds) to slipcover. Check out these befores!!!! Large floral and zebra...not zebra print, actual zebras walking around.

Chair before

Loveseat before

Loveseat AFTER...so went with a neutral denim/twill and to give it some detail and character we added a 2" pleat all one way along  the bottom. Her pillows are from Target.

I wrapped a band around the front of the loveseat to keep it tight and put piping along the top and along the bottom before the pleat.

Loveseat...another after
Chair AFTER...we did the 2" pleat on the chair as well. I wrapped a band around the front edge of the chair too...with piping along the top and bottom.

Front of chair.

Another After of chair....LOVE the way these turned out.

SIDE NOTE #1--Slipcover DVD giveaway going on at Jilly and Mia go check it out!

SIDE NOTE #2 ---- My moab relay race.

Here I am with some of my race girls. Only two legs each instead of three for this race. 70 miles total with 6 people on a team. Come to find out the day after the race, there was a guy that ran this thing solo! AND he finished 2.5 hrs faster than our team of 6!!!

Here we are at the start line.
Here I am running my last/ second leg....8 miles in 80 degrees. Not so used to the heat yet. I have been running all winter in gloves, scarves, hats, 2 pairs of running pants, etc. I felt good for the first 4 miles and then the heat kicked in. I still ended up averaging 8:52/ mile....so I was happy with that.



Pine Tree Home said...

Way to GO! I won't even tell you how SLOW I run.

Meredith said...

Shelley - the Red Rocks Relay sounds fun! I have another friend who runs that one. You are an animal, girl! (Like those zebras...LOL!)

janet said...

Congrats on the run Shelley and I LOVE the slipcovers!!

Just paid $52.00 for a $1,600. Hekman upholstered chair and rolling ottoman. Will be slipcovering that baby...Woohoo!!!

Have a lovely week

Janet xox

Anonymous said...

Just found your slipcovers through Addicted2Decorating. You've done a lovely job! Making slipcovers is on my to-do list but I'm afraid they will never look this beautiful.