Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chenille bedspread chair slipcover

This chair was for my client named Holly. It was for her daughter's room. I had done a small loveseat (all white) about 3-4 years ago for her out of this same fabric, she thought we could repurpose the slipcover and take it apart and salvage the fabric to make a new slipcover for this chair....All the pieces were going to work except the loveseat arms were more shallow than the chair. She went to get more white denim and the store was all out, but she fell in love with this mint green color.

I told her we could use if for the arms and then make the piping out of it as well, to make it all make sense. Good thing for me, that way I could cut most of the slipcover apart instead of unpicking all the seams to salvage the piping.

Here's the chair before.

Here it is after...we used white denim on the seat cushion, outside back, inside back, decking, and back cushion band. The wedding ring chenille is from a vintage bedspread. I utilized the fringe around the outside of the bedspread for the hem of the skirt.

The front of the arms were the EXACT same size as the I had to unpick very carefully, I needed every 1/8" possible for seam allowances. I lined the chenille to give it more strenth, it was feeling pretty thin and not very sturdy.

Side of chair.

I lined the chenille band on the seat cushion as well as the chenille on the back cushion.
I also gathered the skirt around the front corners of the chair, to give it a little fullness.

I loved the green mixed in with the white... it made it look fresh, new, and exciting again.

Wedding ring chenille pattern is my favorite.

Side Note #1-- Here are pics from our hot air balloon ride. We went for our 14th year anniversary earlier this month.

We are in the balloon at this point, waiting for it to take off.
Here's the balloon below us...he had just gotten off the ground. We launched from the Canyons Ski Resort in Park City, UT, and we landed next to a freeway on ramp in the weeds next to the Home Depot in Park City.

I guess they land wherever they can in random fields and what not. We floated over the freeway really low and all the cars and buses were waving and honking. The vans followed us around and picked us up where we landed. We were in the air for a little more than an hour.

Here they are inflating the balloons on the ground. Heber got to help hold it open while the fan and the fire blew into it. It was pretty cool and lots of fun.

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Comeca Jones said...

Perfection as usual.

Pine Tree Home said...

Love the mix of two fabrics and chenille is oh so soft.

Barefoot Blueberry said...

Congrats on 14 years!! Great slipcovering as usual. You inspire me!! Have a wonderful day! I need to talk to you soon.

Sew Can Do said...

Wow that looks amazing! Terrific work and a lot of patience!!!

Alyssa Jeffers said...

Stopping by from TT&J, I have got to win the DVD giveaway!! I recently got a chair just like this one from my mom and it's need recovering bad!! The ottoman is all torn up and I just dont know where to start, so happy I caught up on my Blogs tonight and found you;)